We want to succeed and we want YOU to succeed. We’re so confident YOU will succeed that we offer this guarantee: If you do not receive at least ONE BOOKING within the 180 Days, we will extend your subscription at NO EXTRA COST for another 12 MONTHS.


$50.00/180 DAYS

  • Direct Contact with Guests
  • No Booking Fees For Your Guests
  • Property Placement Above Silver on Site
  • Unlimited Details
  • Upload up to 40 Photos
  • Assigned Web Manager
  • Owner Dashboard
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Up to 100% More Views/Inquiries Than Silver
  • Editable Promotional Flyer (For Guests that Feature Your Property)
  • “City Page” Featured Listing for 6 Months!
  • Home Page Featured Listing for 6 Months!
  • Personal Website Link
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Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

Last Minute Bookings and Special Offers

Why let your property sit vacant for those weeks that haven’t been booked but are swiftly approaching? You let go of potential income when you do. At Family Friendly Vacation Rentals, we optimize your bookings by showing you how to cut the last minute deals and provide potential guests with great “getaway” offers. You’ll have the freedom to change up your calendar and make room for last minute bookings and special offers, thereby generating more income.

Your Personal Website and Video Links

We know that no one can sell your property to potential guests better than you can. You have an unparalleled interest in the success of your rental property. And you can achieve great success in this industry even without a ton of work. You sign up here and share your contact information, so potential guests can contact you and book directly. We hook you up with all potential guests and give them the means to contact you directly.

Calendar Syncing

Family Friendly Vacation Rentals has the technology to link your calendars to any of your other calendars on other sites at which you might be listing your rental. Double bookings won’t happen here, and all existing calendars will be synchronized.

Marketing Support

When you sign-up with FFVR, we provide you with a newsletter to put in your vacation home to further market your property. We also have an on-staff marketing, publicity, and promotion director that creates periodic homeowner newsletters that provide you information about how to position your rental and suggestions to improve your bookings. There are simple things you can do even to your copy that will help you book more guests.

Let’s look at the facts. Other vacation rental websites charge travelers “fees.” These fees go by many names--like booking fee, traveler’s fee, and service fee--but all mean the same thing: an added expense for your potential guests. These fees aren’t mere pennies either and are often hidden, only to be assessed at the end of the booking process. The guest doesn’t receive anything for this fee. It’s a service fee for using the website.

We allow the traveler to deal directly with you and not overpay on the rental through hidden fees, thereby saving that cash for fun on the trip. This builds loyalty, and you’ll see return clients.