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Family friendly vacation rentals have come up with several new locations along with luxurious accommodations. Among these, one of their all time favorites is California due to its serene beauty and adventure. FFVR comes with the largest search engine for California vacation rental from where you could choose your preferred one. We have options for all kinds of gateway ranging from day trips, family vacations and romantic getaways. You provide us the details of your stay along with your needs and we customize it accordingly.

Why Book from our website :

  • Reservation without booking charges
  • Direct contact with owners

We at FFVR have a range of more than 1500 providers in over 50 remote locations of California. Thereby you could compare and then decide which California vacation rental is preferable for you. Our main aim is to provide the best customer experience and service at any cost.

Have doubts about being able to get appropriate security measure? Don’t worry! If you book your dream California vacation rentals from our website, you get some great pre and post booking advantages.

Other than providing you with the best California vacation rentals, we also make sure to identify and look after your needs. Each time you book a rental with us, we provide you free breakfast and complimentary drinks to welcome you.